IRC SENTRONIS AD is fully owned subsidiary and general South-Eastern-Europe representative and distributor of Swiss company SENIS AG

IRC SENTRONIS AD was founded in 2003, as a branch of the Swiss company SENTRON AG, the predecessor of SENIS AG. The idea was for SENTRONIS to support SENTRON in the development and production of magnetic field sensors and magnetic measuring instruments, mostly invented by Dr. Popović, a professor at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL). After SENTRON was acquired by one of the European leading automotive sensor supplier in 2004, the entire test and measurement business was taken over by SENIS AG, a spin-off of SENTRON. Since then, SENIS and SENTRONIS have been working in a symbiotic partnership.

SENTRONIS has its offices, production lines and ISO17025 accredited laboratory at Knjazevacka in Nis, Serbia. A SENTRONIS’ R&D group is located at the new Science and Technology Park, Nis.

SENTRONIS at Technopark

Aleksandra Medvedeva bb

18103 Niš


Knjaževačka 38

18103 Niš